Who I am

Marton Radkai

Born:                       New York City
Date of birth:     May 9, 1957
Status:                   Married, one daughter (b. July 2004)
Languages:           English (native), German, French (fluent, written),
some Italian, some Hungarian
Education:            1976: International Baccalaureate, Geneva
1981:                       BA German/History double major, Middlebury College, USA
1985:                        MA Communications, University of Massachusetts, USA
Further ed.            Masters NLP (2003)
Location:                Geneva, Switzerland (work permit “B”)


What I do:

Communication, writing, text, editorial concepts, advertorial … Copy is my business.

I also translate from German and French to English in several fields, notably pharmaceuticals, watchmaking, various technical fields, culture/music/philosophy, journalism, fiction).

Text polishing is another area of expertise that has eveolved ovewr the years.

And I teach German and English (and occasionally History) at high school level (12-15-year-olds) in Geneva’s public schools.

For a more detailed CV, please click here. Note that I cannot mention the names of many clients due to confidentiality issues.

You can also follow me on my blog, www.Journos-blotter.com

"Live it, write it"