Writing has its mechanisms, but it’s not a  mechanical process. Its more a form of thinking aloud, digging with the mind and heart, tapping into personal experience and, above all, the senses. Sure, there is a general style of writing, one that arises from a kind of consensus. It tends to lack personality, an individual finger print, a harmony produced by the convergence of the writer and the subject being described.

I have been writing since my teens and publishing since college, where I began writing about classical music and then musicians. Several years as a radio announcer and later a radio journalist added a new layer of technique. For nearly ten years, I contributed to and edited travel guides. Since 2009, I have been editing Wristwatch Annual, an annual compendium of mechanical watches, since 2009.

My business card says “Live it, write it!” This is a mission statement that tells my customers that they will not be getting copy/paste material. I must experience the subject in person. The text is then planned out on paper after which I begin turning the experience into text…. using a pen.

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"Live it, write it"