Writing copy is a highly individual art, and much needed these days. When producing content for a company, my idea is to err on the side of journalism rather than advertising. Why? Because if you ask people today what irks them most about the Internet or some magazines, the answer is likely to be the advertising and the fake editorials. So, if doing advertorial writing, make sure the reader has genuine added value.

1. Here is a piece I did a few years back for the Allianz magazine about insuring barges. I happened to live near the Rhine. I took my camera, my scratch pad, my favorite pen, and a solid state recording device and collected information.

2. Watches have been in my sights since 2007, when I became editor of the English-language magazine Business Guide in Basel, Switzerland. Writing about brands can resemble advertorial writing. It is generally affirmative, syllogistic rather than dialectical, positive. My first big interview was with Max Büsser, founder of MB&F, and one of the most intriguing figures on the scene even to this day. A few years later, I was contacted by a brand with a different image: They needed an advertorial pronto. I plunged into their world of bad boys in discos and delivered.

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