So you’ve heard it as well… A picture is worth a thousand words. Yes, that sounds so easy. Yet words are the guide to exploring other dimensions of reality, of creating emotion, passion, joy and connection deep inside each human being. A word can kill, a word can make you fall in love. In words spoken, read, or heard, are vibrations that can trigger an entire universe. Words are our connection to the deepest past, they are the evolution of primeaval sounds, and as such connect us to ourselves.

That is one of the lessons I have learned in a career devoted to words and images. Ever since I was a child, in fact. My parents were photographers. At the age of eight, I discovered a thesaurus.

My professional experience is diverse and rich, and it is what I have to offer when it comes to communication projects of all types, from the corporate brochure, to the editorial article. I have even begun teaching, hoping to spark their curiosity about language, about thought, about the symbols in our everyday existence. Curiosity is the  seed. Nourish it well, it will grow into the tree of passion.

Find out more about what I do. And enjoy!



"Live it, write it"